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Human Capital

People are the most valuable asset of a business. As a consequence, the human resources management is a key element of the success of your business. Our human capital services team can help with the various aspects of human resources management such as:

  • Payroll services;
  • Income tax and social security advice :
    • In the context of secondments abroad or to Luxembourg;
    • On Specific Luxembourg issues.
  • Income tax and social security simulations in the context of split payrolls;
  • Guidance on staff remuneration and compensation packages;
  • Advice, including assistance with the implementation of fringe benefits, such as :
    • pension scheme;
    • company cars;
    • lunch vouchers;
    • interest subsidies;
    • stock options.
  • Assistance in relation with social élections.

Payroll services typically include :

  • Calculation of wages, as well as related taxes and contributions;
  • Preparation and provision of salary slips for personnel;
  • Preparation and filing of mandatory declarations and returns with the Luxembourg tax and social security authorities;
  • Preparation and communication of accounting instructions;
  • Preparation and issuance of wage tax certificates at year-end;
  • Filing of year-end information with the tax authorities;
  • Preparation of wage books.

In addition to these services, our human capital services team can also assist with various administrative formalities and tasks such as :

  • Handling of payment of wages, taxes and social security contributions;
  • Business registration with social security authorities;
  • Handling of entry/exit formalities;
  • Administration of absences, including execution of health insurance formalities;
  • Handling of lunch vouchers;
  • Assisting staff with :
    • application for re-employment assistance, compensatory allowance, unemployment;
    • application for family and educational allowances, parental leave.
  • Assistance in the context of audits carried out by the tax, labour and social security authorities.